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Profile Overview: General Motors


Fortune 1000 Rank: 8
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General Motors Company Rank 8, Public
Number of Employees 202,000
HeadQuarters 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48265-3000
CEO Daniel F. Akerson
Phone 313-556-5000
Industry Motor Vehicles and Parts
Current Market Cap 32.4b

Fortune Snapshot

Company Financials $ millions  % Change From Latest Quarter $ Millions
Revenue 135,592.0 29.6 39,373.0
Profits 6,172.0 2,992.0
Assets 138,898.0
Stockholder Equity 36,180.0


Though they filed for a Chapter 11 in 2004, General Motors is showing signs of emerging from the oubliette reminiscent hole they have been in for the past seven years. [1] In February 2011, for the first time in over half a decade, the company reported a full-year profit. Through a combination of share selling - $300 million netted in the Ally Financial deal alone - and a re-branding of the company image, GM looks to have found a rope to haul themselves up with. (Hoover's Company Records Ga-Gl. (Dec 15, 2011).)

The re-branding GM focused, and is still focusing, on, revolves around the image of the company's quality. According to a qualified expert, with the import market stable and firmly in the door, simply churning out cars is not enough to keep an American car manufacturer afloat any longer. (Interview with Christoper Felton, 2011) Cookie cutter cars, with their implied lack of progressive thinking, are quickly becoming products only of hidebound thinking. GM is showing up the years of criticism with major revamping, including discontinuing well-known but easy target brands Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn. Additionally, they are joining the bandwagon of alternative energy through multiple research projects, some of which are already seeing implementation (Hoover's) and all of which the company is being sure to publicize.

A global automotive company, General Motors is looking ahead to the millions of potential drivers in population heavy China, with a $3 billion dollar budget allocated purely to keep up with that booming market. Combined with the hybrid and diesel products explorations, this could easily indicate more lucrative years forthcoming.

Relevant Information

Corporate Body

[2] Company About Us Page

Chairman and CEO

Daniel F. (Dan) Akerson

Vice Chairman and Global CTO

Thomas G. Stephens

Vice Chairman, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Global Product Planning, Global Purchasing, and Supply Chain

Stephen J. (Steve) Girsky

VP Global Communications

Selim Bingol

VP Global Public Policy

Robert E. (Bob) Ferguson

Fiscal Information

Fiscal Year-End


2010 Sales (mil.)


1-Year Sales Growth


2010 Net Income (mil.)


1-Year Net Income Growth


2010 Employees


1-Year Employee Growth


Top 5 Competition


  1. Chrysler
  2. Ford Motor
  3. Toyota
  4. Daimler
  5. Hyundai Motor

United States

  1. Ford Motor
  2. Chrysler Group
  3. Johnson Controls
  4. Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  5. TRW Automotive Holdings

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