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Profile Overview: General Electric


Fortune 1000 Rank: 6"
NYSE: GE Company Investor Page
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  • 6 in FORTUNE 1000 (May 2011)
    • 6 in FORTUNE 500 (May 2011)
  • S&P 500
  • Dow Jones Industrials
  • Dow Jones Global Titans
General Electric Rank 6, Public
Number of Employees 287,000
HeadQuarters 3135 Easton Tpke. Fairfield, CT 06828-0001
CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt
Phone 203-373-2211
Fax 203-373-3131
Industry Diversified Financials
Current Market Cap 182.4b

Fortune Snapshot

Company Financials $ millions  % Change From Latest Quarter $ Millions
Revenue 151,628.0 -3.3 35,002.0
Profits 11,644.0 5.6 3764.0
Assets 751,216.0
Stockholder Equity 118,936.0


The modern world as we know it today would not exist without General Electric Company. As was stated amusingly in Hoover's: “The company produces -- take a deep breath -- aircraft engines, locomotives and other transportation equipment, kitchen and laundry appliances, lighting, electric distribution and control equipment, generators and turbines, and medical imaging equipment.” In addition, the company has recently made several acquisitions. This year alone it acquired Dresser, Inc., and industrial equipment producer, along with Wellstream PLC (pipeline company) and a majority (58%) interest in Lightfoot Capital Partners L.P. [1]

All these investments point to further rise of the already giant company. GE has already shifted a great deal of its focus toward the alternative energy market and looks to be taking more steps in that direction in the future, investing more than $600 million into solar energy. And, at a time when so many companies are taking their money out of the US, GE brings in over half of its revenue from outside the States.

Relevant Information

Corporate Body

[2] Company About Us Page

  • Chairman and CEO
Jeffrey R. Immelt
  • Vice Chairman; President and CEO, Global Operations
John G. Rice
  • Vice Chairman and CFO
Keith S. Sherin
  • Managing Director Communications and Public Affairs, GE Capital
Russell Wilkerson
  • SVP Corporate Business Development
Pamela Daley
  • SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Elizabeth J. (Beth) Comstock

Fiscal Information

Fiscal Year-End


2010 Sales (mil.)


1-Year Sales Growth


2010 Net Income (mil.)


1-Year Net Income Growth


2010 Employees


1-Year Employee Growth


Top 5 Competition


  1. Citigroup
  2. Philips Electronics
  3. Siemens AG
  5. Capital One

United States

  1. Fannie Mae
  2. Freddie Mac
  3. INTL FCStone
  4. Marsh & McLennan
  5. Ameriprise Financial

External Links & References

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