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Profile Overview: Ford Motor Company


Fortune 1000 Rank: 10 (Down 2 from previous placement of 8)
NYSE: F Ford Motor Company Investor Page
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  • 10 in FORTUNE 1000 (May 2011)
    • 10 in FORTUNE 500 (May 2011)
  • S&P 500
Ford Motor Company Rank 10, Public
Number of Employees 164,000
HeadQuarters 1 American Rd., Dearborn, MI 48126-2798
CEO Alan R. Mulally
Phone 313-322-3000
Toll Free 800-392-3673
Industry Motor Vehicles and Parts
Current Market Cap 40.1b

Fortune Snapshot

Company Financials $ millions  % Change From Latest Quarter $ Millions
Revenue 128,954.0 9.0 35,527.0
Profits 6,561.0 141.5 2398.0
Assets 4.0
Stockholder Equity -673.0


Ford Motor Company is one of the few brands that truly is an American icon. What a number of Americans may not realize however, is the worldwide presence of the motor vehicle giant. Divided into two operating rubrics, Automotive and Financial, the Automotive aspect of Ford Motor Company further segments into Ford North America, Ford South America, Ford Europe and Ford Asia Pacific Africa. The company is doing well, recovering from the economic crisis that hurt so many of the auto-manufacturers with astonishing speed. According to Hoover's, “Revenues for 2010 rose more than 8% over 2009. At the same time, the company reduced its debt by more than $14 billion (about 43%) by year-end 2010, and an additional $3 billion was shaved off in spring 2011. Paying off that amount of debt will save the company about $1.2 billion in annual interest expense.” It is worth noting that Ford Motor Company is one of the only major US auto companies not to file for bankruptcy or seek government aid.

Part of the company's current success can be traced to sound business decisions, both in acquisitions and sales. Focusing solely on its two major brand names, Ford and Lincoln, the company made the decision in 2011 to sell Volvo and to discontinue the Mercury line, freeing up resources for their new strategies. The New York Times reports “Ford has also seen its image improve since General Motors and Chrysler began borrowing billions of dollars from the federal government.” The reimaging campaign has been an aggressive one, with Ford leaning heavily on their roots, a tactic that seems to be paying off. In 2010 Toyota was surpassed, and Ford Motor Company became the number two seller in the United States. Though most of their sales - over half - may be in the US, they are by no means a one nation player. Ford Motor Company operates 75 plants worldwide, and that's just the automotive side of things. (Hoover's)

The other aspect of the company, Financials, includes Ford Motor Credit Company and the umbrella Other Financial Services, including real estate and holding companies. (NYT) No stranger to nepotism, the company is still essentially “family run” with the current CEO bearing the famous last name and the family controlling over 42% of the company's class B stock.

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Relevant Information

Corporate Body

Ford Motor Company Governance

  • Chairman
William C. (Bill) Ford Jr.
  • President, CEO, and Director
Alan R. Mulally
  • EVP and CFO
Lewis W.K. Booth
  • Group VP Global Marketing, Sales, and Service
James D. (Jim) Farley Jr.
  • Group VP Government and Community Relations
Ziad S. Ojakli

Fiscal Information

  • Fiscal Year-End
  • 2010 Sales (mil.)
  • 1-Year Sales Growth
  • 2010 Net Income (mil.)
  • 1-Year Net Income Growth
  • 2010 Employees
  • 1-Year Employee Growth


Top 5 Competition


  • Chrysler
  • General Motors
  • Toyota
  • Adam Opel
  • AutoNation

United States

  1. General Motors
  2. Chrysler Group
  3. Johnson Controls
  4. Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  5. TRW Automotive Holdings

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